social change through
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Networking companies nationally and internationally to tackle social and economic issues

Ideas are useless
without the resources or skills in which to execute them

Synergy believes that entrepreneurship should be the main driver for economic growth.  We undertake capacity building initiatives that help strengthen the ability of local communities in developing countries to participate in economic activities.

The success or failure of entrepreneurs is directly tied to their access to capital.

Synergy facilitates this access by working to equip entrepreneurs with the skills, contacts, and funds necessary to execute a succesful business venture. It strives to inspire innovation and allow for the sharing of resources, especially to those from developing countries or minority backgrounds.

Our Services


We will help you grow your network across various sectors by putting you in touch with experts in their fields.

Business Strategy

A strong business plan & growth strategy is crucial for a successful business.


We will help companies acquire support for projects from national and international sponsors.


A strong marketing plan is essential for any business, and SGA will help you streamline your messaging.


Choosing the right legal structure and having strong governance is crucial to the long-term success of a business.

Budget & Finance

Detailed financial planning will ensure that your business is fully prepared for anything.

Social Media

Social media can be instrumental in launching a successful fund-raising campaign.


Tailored mentoring programmes that focus on leadership and character development.d

Web Development

A high end website provides customers the first glipse into your business.

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