Synergy Global Alliance Foundation

Our Goals

Synergy is a non-profit organisation whose goal is to make tangible and sustainable change in the lives of disenfranchised people. To achieve our goals, we believe we need to create a strong network of individuals and organisations.

Our Initiatives

Our initiatives would help those who may not have the opportunity, confidence, or access to facilities or competitions in which they can showcase their talents.



Beyond being fun, sports are a great mechanism for developing life skills: teamwork, confidence, leadership, strong work ethic. We believe that such programmes can be effective when implemented in schools and in the local community.


While all countries have diverse histories and culture, many developing countries lack the resources in which to showcase their unique stories. Synergy assists by developing a strategic plan, networking key partners, and assisting with fund-raising.


The aim of our mentoring program is to guide, encourage, support, challenge and develop people on their journey of self-discovery. We believe that a mentoring programme should be available for everyone (i.e. youth, adults, corporations).

Don't miss out!

Synergy is launching a family oriented festival in London that is focused on uplifting youth. Our aim is to aid young people in the creative sector and to provides new opportunities for young people to showcase their talents.

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